About us

An e-signature service that does it right.

Our Story

  • 2008

    We started in 2008 as a web development company.

    At the time, we were building products for our clients focusing on large-scale e-commerce, online payments and e-governance. We've always enjoyed being a small company. It allowed us to learn quickly, pay attention to the smallest details, stay streamlined and close to the customer, which is why scaling service-based business was at odds with our company culture. However, building and bootstrapping a product-based business is an entirely different experience and we were willing to take the challenge.

  • 2011

    First steps

    We noticed that e-signing and e-identification technologies, which are supposed to simplify both the daily lives of citizens and the operations of businesses and institutions, were clearly too complex and too expensive, forcing them to remain faithful to 20th-century paper-based processes.

    We started a small research project on e-signing technologies and legislation. This research resulted in the development of an internal project named "ISIGN" which aimed to create a technology using today's software delivery model, which would remove all of the complexity in adopting e-signing and e-identification and would make it accessible for organisations and end-users.

  • 2014

    Document Signing Portal and ISIGN Web Services

    We launched the ISIGN Document Signing Portal and ISIGN Web Services, and piloted them with several organisations - from small businesses to government institutions and a Fortune 500 company.

    We kept a low profile, taking time to further develop the technology, sort out the legal aspects of e-signing in European Union countries, and gain valuable feedback from our pilot organisations which we could incorporate into our work.

  • 2014 Q4

    ISIGN Web Services was launched publicly

    The pilot program helped us improve our products and we finally went public with a fully tested and mature product. We launched our software’s large-scale deployments in the public sector with some of the biggest IT system integrators in Lithuania.

    Since then, the major IT system integrators in the region, document management software (DMS) vendors and Lithuanian governmental agencies have been using ISIGN to empower their e-services.

  • 2015 Q2

    Acquisition #1

    We acquired the biggest document signing portal in Lithuania (Eparasas.lt) and successfully merged it with the ISIGN Document Signing Portal.

    Now Eparasas.lt is a vendor-neutral educational website about e-signatures in Lithuania. We are happy to educate the public about the benefits of using electronic signatures.

  • 2016 Q1

    Acquisition #2

    On March 7, we acquired DigiDoc.ee - the biggest document signing portal in Estonia. The DigiDoc portal had received almost 242 million signatures by 2015 and has a growth rate of over 100% each year. This acquisition made us the biggest player in the Baltics.

  • 2016 Q4

    Operations in Iceland

    On November 1, we started offering our services on the Icelandic market by supporting qualified digital certificates from Audkenni CA on both smart cards and Mobile ID.

  • Future

    Moving forward

    Our entire team is focused on one thing: building simple, easy to use and accessible technologies for e-signing and e-identification.

    Imagine yourself in 2018, where the use of electronic identification, electronic signatures and the other trust services is a daily reality and where citizens, companies and public administrations safely access services and can do every kind of transaction online and across borders in just "one click". Wow, do you think this is science fiction?
    It most definitely is not.

    Andrea Servida, Head of Task Force "Legislation Team (eIDAS)" at European Commission

Press releases

  • March 30,

    Since Tursday, March 30 2017, every Icelander is able to sign all of his documents digitally for free with the ISIGN Portal. Individuals can register for free subscription and receive 5 digital signatures without any cost every month from www.isign.is. ISIGN is today the only service provider in Iceland which complies with all requirements from EU regulation nr. 910/2014 (eIDAS) for digital signature. Later this year the regulation will be incorporate into national laws and will replace older legislation nr. 28/2001 for digital signatures. Read more »

  • January 23,

    The DigiDoc portal, which offers e-signature services, has gone through a complete overhaul and its new and updated version offers a variety of new functions, such as ability to have a separate company account, document categories, and support of new document formats. The DigiDoc portal, which got a new user interface and new functions on January 23, now offers more possibilities for companies to make their work easier and faster. The update brings with it the option of having two separate accounts – one for personal use and one for company/business. This makes differentiating user roles easy and convenient. Another important function for companies operating in the Baltics is the possibility of cross-border signing – the DigiDoc portal now fully supports the Latvian and Lithuanian electronic document formats EDoc and ADoc. Read more »

  • March 7,

    Estina, a Lithuanian IT company, will be the new manager of the Certification Centre’s DigiDoc portal. The objective of this change, which takes effect on 7 April 2016, is to improve the user experience for those using the DigiDoc portal. The change will provide additional functionality, such as an updated user interface, the ability to simultaneously sign several documents, and offer improved document management and workflow. Read more »

ISIGN is looking for a talented software engineer to join our team! Want to work on the biggest e-signature platform in the Baltics? Are you a master of PHP, MySQL, Javascript? If you are tired of the mess, here is your chance to develop awesome products with us.

About the position

  • Developing a high-performance e-signature API and SaaS application for thousands of daily users.
  • We love neat continuous delivery and high performance. Tech we use: nginx, mysql, supervisord, php-fpm, rest, json, soap, rabbitmq, ansible, elk, bootstrap, aws, symfony.

Benefits for us

  • Interest in software security, PKI.
  • Symfony experience.
  • Linux experience.

Benefits for you

  • Environment of choice (Mac || Linux), 24”–27" screen and everything you need.
  • #CodeLessDoMore - meetups, trainings, certification, delicious coffee, foosball, beer & pizza Fridays.
  • A flat, smart and 100% technical team - we are strong together!
  • Technical challenges to make e-signatures sexy!