Frequently Asked Questions

Free users may place up to 5 signatures and validate up to 10 documents each month. If you are a Premium user, validations are unlimited, and a certain amount of signatures is included as part of your plan package, but you may essentially sign as many documents as necessary by paying extra for signatures above the plan's limit. Read more about our Premium plans…
If document owner is a Premium user, they will be financially responsible for all signatures from all parties involved.
If document owner is a Free user, each signing party will bare the cost of their own signature: for Free users this means that the signature will be counted towards their 5 signature monthly quota, and for Premium users, it will be put on their tab.
Yes! You have two ways to share the document:
1. Share it by email address or personal code, or
2. Download the signed document and send it by email or via other channel.
Choose the second option if the person you want to share the document with is not eligible for registration (see Which countries are supported by ISIGN? below).
We support validating signatures backed by certificates issued within any EU/EEA member state. However, to be able to sign up and log in to ISIGN, or digitally sign a document using our portal, your certificate must be issued in one of the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia (including e-Residency), Finland, Iceland or Belgium. We're continuously working on expanding this list of countries.

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